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We’re so excited that you’re interested in a technical website assessment! Our assessment services are something that we have, in the past, offered to new and existing support clients who want to identify the ways in which their site could be improved, but now we’re opening up this valuable tool to you and your team.

Regular assessments are crucial to the ongoing stability and health of your site and the marketing efforts that rely on it.

A website assessment helps you understand if your site is built in a way that helps you achieve your goals – whether that’s traffic from specific sources like search engines, conversion of site visitors into leads, or just plain eCommerce sales. During an assessment, we take specific steps to identify what areas you can improve upon to boost your website’s performance and reach your goals.

An assessment evaluates the health and efficacy of your site. We do not consider an assessment as the end-all, be-all of the work that’s necessary to keep a site running well and fully serving business needs. Rather, it’s the first step in identifying places where you can improve your site’s performance.

The primary deliverable of our most basic Technical Website Assessment is a report that you can take to any developer, marketing specialist, or decision-maker to use as a roadmap for prioritizing and completing future work on your site. This assessment will likely reveal some weaknesses in your site, some of which you’ll even be able to address yourself, right away! For the items you can’t DIY immediately, BIPi has your back.

Technical Website Assessments

Our technical website assessment service can be as simple as a written report meant for the marketing team’s eyes only, or it can be as complex as a live assessment where we bring in specialists (like SEO strategists, copywriters, or designers) to work alongside our team and yours in a fully interactive process that takes into consideration all of your teams frustrations and needs and results in not only an internal-team-use report but also a pitch deck you can take to the C Suite to advocate for the resources your team needs to truly be successful. You can get more details on our assessment tiers over on our main site.

We’re confident that, when you inevitably find your assessment wildly useful, you’ll consider working with us for your website support needs. Still, you can rest assured that there are no strings attached to this offer – anyone (you, your internal team, or your existing vendors) can use the assessment report to take immediate action to take your website from frustrating to fabulously functional!

No matter how complex your needs, your first step is to fill out the form on this page, and we’ll be in touch right away to get the process started.

~The Berry Interesting Crew

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