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Why You – Yes, You – Need Brand Standards

Wednesday, October 11, 2-3p MST

Calling all marketing strategists! Whether you’re a solopreneur, a marketing department of one, or a small internal team… it’s (past) time to talk brand standards.

Does your brand lack a complete, robust set of brand standards? Many growing and established brands alike face this challenge, relying on informal norms or a mere logo and color palette instead of formal brand standards. It’s time to break free from the limitations and frustrations that originate from a poorly-articulated brand identity.

Join us for a helpful session, featuring our favorite design genius, Sara Neal, on crafting a comprehensive set of brand standards tailored to your brand’s unique voice and vision. We will guide you through the process and offer valuable advice (come prepared with your own existing brand standards so we can offer tailored feedback). Learn how to find the right design partner, advocate for the necessary time and resources to establish or revise your brand standards, and establish firm boundaries for your production team.

Don’t let your brand’s potential go untapped. Embrace the power of cohesive brand standards and watch your marketing efforts thrive. Register now and take the first step towards brand standards that truly support you.

RESCHEDULED: Stop talking, start marketing

October 24, 10-11a MST

There’s still a ways to go between us and 2024, but if your 2023 has gone anywhere as haywire as ours has, it’s time to start preparing – not necessarily planning – for next year’s marketing work. Whether you’re a solopreneur, marketing department of one, or you’re lucky enough to be a part of a team, one of your biggest roadblocks when it comes to progress might actually be the way in which you’re preparing. Join us in September for a deep dive into reframing your approach to marketing planning. We’ll discuss:

  • why “plan” is a 4-letter word
  • identifying what propels you versus what holds you back
  • smart ways to free up your time, budget, and mind so that you can focus on strategy.

You’ll leave with a stronger support system and a time management & productivity toolkit to rely on you as you head into the next year. Hosted by Meredith Dennis, CDMP, PCM®, PMMC®, Fractional Markeitng Pro, and D’nelle Dowis, Founder of Berry Interesting Productions. Don’t miss this opportunity to get focused on a successful 2024 – reserve your spot now!

Establishing Routines for Keeping Your Website Healthy

Tuesday, November 14, 2-3p MST

November’s mastermind session is all about guiding you through the digital jungle to make your website a reliable tool rather than a time-bomb of unpleasant surprises. We’ve all been there; you’re ready to launch a campaign, and suddenly your website decides to take a siesta. Not on our watch!

This session will delve into the whys and hows of website maintenance, offering you a roadmap to keep your website fit and ready for action. Even if you can’t pass the wrench to a tech team due to budget constraints or organizational buy-in, there’s plenty you can do. You’ll leave with a a handy DIY maintenance checklist and a better understanding of what’s under your website’s hood. Now, who’s ready to pop the hood and get their website running like a well-oiled marketing machine?

What will you automate in 2024? Moving your business processes from manual to automated

Wednesday, December 6, 2-3p MST

December’s mastermind is an early holiday gift from our team to you that will keep on giving – a deep dive into the potential of marketing automation. The digital sphere is teeming with potential – more than ever before since AI rolled onto the scene – and it’s high time we seized it! Whether you’re a marketing department of one or lucky enough to work on a team, automating digital tasks can dramatically streamline your operations and take your efficiency to new heights.

We’ll cover how to evaluate your current processes to identify easy automation opportunities, how to map out the details of your automation so that you can understand it yourself and also articulate it to a specialist, how to decide if you can DIY or need a specialist’s help, and how to monitor automations to ensure they’re working on your behalf. With a dash of our signature wit and a liberal helping of practical advice, we’ll help you navigate the choices you’ll be making as you start to “automate all the things!”

Be sure to come prepared with a wish-list of the processes you’d most like to automate, and get a peek behind the scenes as our experts build an automation live on screen. Get ready to march into 2024 with an automation game-plan that, by this time next year, will have you asking “why was I ever copying and pasting that?!”

A year of planning content with AI as your intern

Tuesday, January 6, 2-3p MST

Ease yourself into the new year by taking a big step toward making your life easier in a big way – getting comfy with using AI tools! Our January mastermind will dive into the exciting world of AI prompt engineering. We’ll be talking about how to harness its power to supercharge your content planning for 2024. With AI Large Language Model (LLM) tools like ChatGPT or, you can do more than just draft a blog post. We’ll explore the endless possibilities these AI tools offer in amplifying the variety and efficacy of your marketing content by crafting effective prompts.

Join us for a Q&A on how we use AI LLMs to expedite all sorts of processes, and live demonstrations using these tools, showcasing various prompt crafting approaches to help align AI outputs to your specific needs. We will not just use them individually but also demonstrate how to use these tools in concert. You’ll come away with a handy prompt cheat-sheet that you can keep by your side as you venture into using AI tools for your marketing content needs. Why settle for less when AI can help you achieve so much more… in less time?

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