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Delegating Digital Tasks

April 11, 2-3p MST

Getting started on building your On Demand Library
As much as we’d all like to be able to DIY everything and avoid having to delegate tasks, if we want to grow our businesses we’ve got to get comfortable growing beyond our own specific areas of expertise.

Join us for an hour of discussion and brainstorming around how to effectively use digital tools, virtual assistants, and subject-matter experts to make your operations more efficient, standardize and define processes, and focus your own tasks on what brings you the most satisfaction.

What’s your tech stack?

April 11, 3:30-4:30p MST

Getting started on building your On Demand Library
Whether you started your career as a digital native or you’ve been pulled into using digital tools against your will, there’s no denying that everyone – to one degree or another – finds themselves using a variety of different tools, softwares, and apps to make life on the road easier. You already have a tech stack… now’s your chance to get intentional about it!

Join us for an hour of discovery and discussion about what tools can make touring more efficient for you and the rest of your road crew. We’ll chat about tools we love, apps we hate, and how to keep our own tech stack optimized for DOS success!

Embracing WordPress Website Ownership

May 9, 2-3p MST

So, you’ve got a WordPress website… now what?

We spend a ton of time handling WordPress maintenance, support, and update tasks for our clients, and we’ve seen it all: a developer who decides to move abroad where they’ll only have internet access once a month… a webmaster who deletes a site (plus all the backups) and refuses to hand over a domain… an employee whose area of expertise is not in a tech-focused area but volunteers to build the company site for free.

No matter who built or who maintains your WordPress site, it’s vital to have an organizational plan in place to ensure site continuity, portability, and functionality. Join us for an hour of focusing on what you need to learn, what you need to remember, and what you should be delegating.

Local staffing strategies

May 9, 3:30-4:30p MST

Local staffing – for runners, merch sellers, VIP assistants, rock docs, and even stage hands – has never been more complicated. From the “no one wants to work any more” memes to health and wellness requirements varying from gig to gig… from surge rates on ubers to outrageous food delivery app fees, it’s hard to predict if the help we need is going to appear on DOS. This means that personal relationships and loose connections have never been more important to the success of a tour.

Join us for an hour of discussing strategies for organizing, maintaining and cultivating connections with quality local labor resources and vetting new-to-you staff.

Creating Digital Ambassadors

July 11, 2-3p MST

Join us for an hour of discussion on turning your best customers and fans into raving evangelists whose praise pays off again and again. The relationship between creator and fan/customer is a sacred one that requires constant attention and evolution. With the digital tools now available to us, like trackable affiliate links, CRMs, and social media trends and influencers, you can take your word-of-mouth growth to the next level.

During this session, we’ll cover influencer phenomena, affiliate programs, VIP programs, fan clubs, street teams, and cultivating mega-fans. You’ll learn how to set boundaries, quantify your efforts, and get your entire staff and crew on board to create unforgettable brand experiences. This session will give you the tools you need to turn your audience into your biggest advocates.

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